Vehicle Loans

Only titled vehicles may be used as collateral.

Rates are 0.50% higher if not payroll deducted.

Rates apply to all vehicle loans, including ATV’s, boats, motorcycles, etc.

Model YearTermRate
2017 - 201660 months2.9%
2015 - 201460 months4.50%
2013 - 201154 months5.50%
2010 - 200848 months6.5%
2007 and older36 months8.75%

Signature Loans

One of our most popular loans/services, available until April 1, but is used extensively during the first month of the new school year.

Signature Loans, for each new school year, are usually offered around the middle of July for McDonald County personnel, and the middle of August for all of the other schools. Simply file a credit application online and come in for a visit after we have contacted you.

  • 15.0% (Up to 12 months and $2000 per individual – must payoff with contract – be payroll deducted.)These are popularly known as the “SIGNATURE” loans.
  • New employees with a 12 month contract may have a signature loan but the loans are limited to $500 the first year.
  • These loans may be refinanced once during the 12 month period and the interest rate is raised to 20%.
  • If you leave a district before the loan is paid, it is then payable in full and the balance will be withheld from your last check.

Share Loans

2% Above Dividends (Presently 2.25%).

Dividend Rate: 0.275% yearly (with 0.25% apy). Dividend set at the end of each quarter.